Colorado Lien Law Notice Deadlines

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Deadline to Give Preliminary Notice


Not required


Not required


Deadline to File Claim


Lien: Laborers: Within 2 months of project completion; Other claimants: Within 4 months of last perf. Interim notice required


Bond: Not required

Stop Notice / Contract Funds:
Before final settlement of the project


Deadline to Foreclose


Lien: Within the earlier of 6 months or project completion, last work performed by any trade or within 1 year of filing the lien
Bond: Within 6 months after completion of last work on the project


Bond: Within six months of completion of project
Stop Notice / Contract Funds: Less than 90 days after final settlement


Common Questions in Colorado

Do Suppliers to Suppliers Have Lien Rights?


Is this a full price lien state?


The above guidelines are for subcontractors and material suppliers only. General contractors and design professionals may have additional deadlines and should access the Full Summary for notice requirements.

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